After World War 2 a close friend of Georges Delbard was nourishing a passion for dahlia breeding. Raymond Guillois and Georges began crossing Dahlias together to find out what extraordinary offspring they could create. Over the early years they won many awards for their efforts.

Henri Delbard, son of Georges, took up the challenge to continue this great legacy, and created new flowers with colour, shape, foliage and habit. Every colour except the elusive blue (which we are still seeking) is covered by the wide range of offspring. Violet and mauve cultivars, through tosunny lemon,gold’s, oranges, reds, pinks, plum and purple- blacks to white.

The latest Delbard Dahlias are bred and selected over a rigorous 6 year process. From 10,000 hand pollinated seeds, the numbers reduce to 5 new varieties for release onto the market in any given year. Many of these Dahlias are now winning awards throughout Europe, for their size, exceptional lowering, original colours, sturdy and compact growth habits and often decorative foliage.