Parfum de Paris™

This rose will become one of Delbard’s all-time classics from their Grand Parfums Collection™.

Parfum de Paris™ brings ‘old world French Charm’ and perfume back into garden roses. Delightfully large, double and quartered blooms shine with rose-pink hues and softer tones that fade to pale creamy-pink at the base. The huge, heady sweet rose perfume oozes feminine beauty, harking back to the great roses of French gardens in the 19th century.

But Parfum de Paris™ is a very modern rose with incredible beauty plus hardy vigour that most rose breeders rarely achieve. A strong bush with glossy, disease resistant leaves, buds erupt with ease creating a palette of pinks that repeats many times throughout the season.

Grows approximately
1.5m high x 1.4m wide


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