Pink Intuition™

A sport of Red Intuition, ‘The Red Rose’ which was voted International Cut Rose of the Year 2000

Like its sister rose, Pink Intuition is prized for the perfection of it’s large, perfect, classical Hybrid Tea-shaped flowers, all massed with petals. Tall graceful buds open into blooms, a whirling palette of pinks – bright, rich, magentas slashed with delicate and buoyant pastels – dripping pinks on pink.

Flowering continually from Spring to late Autumn, stems laden with bunches of bright, unfading blooms.

Long flower stems are ideal for cutting, having an exceptionally long vase life. Flowers do not droop.

Blessed with a vigorous growth habit, Pink Intuition thrives in full sun, relishes regular feeding and mulching.
Pink Intuition may be planted all the year round.

Grows approximately 150cms high


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