Queen Elizabeth

Declared in 1980 to be the world’s best rose!

This is a growers dream rose and has been popular for over 40 years! Queen Elizabeth has the most wonderful large, double pointed pink flowers produced in clusters.
being such a tall and vigorous grower, Queen Elizabeth is a magnificent backdrop to any border garden with dark green, glossy and leathery foliage. it has enormous vitality and can be cut down hard to rejuvenate its profusion of blooms. With long stems and clusters of blooms, this has to be one the very best and toughest of roses to complete all the layers in a garden bed. grows to approx 1.8 meters tall. Queen Elizabeth has excellent disease resistance.

Repeat flowers from October to May.

Raised in 1954 by California’s Walter Lammerts, Queen Elizabeth won just about every top award including the AARS and was dedicated to the young Queen of England.
Year of Release – 1955


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