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Who We Are

Since 1990, we have grown our roses in rich dark chocolate soils, currently on a 100 acre site chosen for it’s aspect and optimum growing conditions only 60km from Melbourne.

Our team work closely together nurturing 200,000 roses from 400 varieties to create the best results possible. Soils, slope, drainage, pruning methods, budding, rotating of green crops (oats and millet), all come together in a select collection of beautiful and robust rose plants that are ready to be delivered to your door.

We have many apprentices in training, learning all aspects of open field growing to produce the best roses in health, vigour and size. Budding commences in late November. Our expert ‘budder’ buds 3-4 thousand grafts per day, totalling 220,000 in a season by the end of March.

From here our bud grows into a fully fledged rose plant up to 1.3 metres tall in 18 months.


Address: 2775 Princes Hwy, Garfield VIC
Phone: 03 5629 1044